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Pitching Stats Spring 2019

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1David Castillo ('20) Scouting ProfileBRI0000000.00000000.000.00
2John Diaz ('22) Scouting ProfileHG0000000.00000000.000.00
3Jeremy Ventura ('20) Scouting ProfileHG0000000.00000000.000.00
4Danny Rio ('22) Scouting ProfileHG0000000.00000000.000.00
5Julian Millet ('21) Scouting ProfileHG0000000.00000000.000.00
6Andrew Martinez ('22) Scouting ProfileHG0000000.00000000.000.00
7Damian Hernandez ('22) Scouting ProfileHG0000000.00000000.000.00
8Richard Garcia ('22) Scouting ProfileHG0000000.00000000.000.00
9Eddy Chavez ('21) Scouting ProfileHG0000000.00000000.000.00
10Richard Gamon ('19) Scouting ProfileSMIA0000000.00000000.000.00
11Christopher Cairo ('22) Scouting ProfileHG0000000.00000000.000.00
12Dario Lazo ('20) Scouting ProfileHG0000000.00000000.000.00
13Alejandro Gonzalez ('20) Scouting ProfileHG0000000.00000000.000.00
14Jerryk Caceres ('21) Scouting ProfileHG0000000.00000000.000.00
15Esaid Pena ('22) Scouting ProfileHG0000000.00000000.000.00
16Manny Perez ('22) Scouting ProfileHG0000000.00000000.000.00
17Jose Pere ('22) Scouting ProfileHG0000000.00000000.000.00
18Dylan Daniels ('19) Scouting ProfileNMB0000000.00000000.000.00
19Anthony Garcia ('21) Scouting ProfileSMIA0000000.00000000.000.00
20Xavier Vergne ('22) Scouting ProfileHG0000000.00000000.000.00
21Kevin Lopez ('19) Scouting ProfileSMIA0000000.00000000.000.00
22Francisco Lopez ('22) Scouting ProfileSMIA0000000.00000000.000.00
23Maisen Sastre ('22) Scouting ProfileSMIA0000000.00000000.000.00
24Brayan Mena ('19) Scouting ProfileSMIA0000000.00000000.000.00
25Khaya Wright ('20) Scouting ProfileSMIA0000000.00000000.000.00
26Emanuele Tramonti ('20) Scouting ProfileSMIA0000000.00000000.000.00
27Danny Cancio ('20) Scouting ProfileSMIA0000000.00000000.000.00
28Alain Pacheco ('20) Scouting ProfileSMIA0000000.00000000.000.00
29Steven Medina ('21) Scouting ProfileSMIA0000000.00000000.000.00
30Salvador Castellanos ('20) Scouting ProfileSMIA0000000.00000000.000.00
31Yassel Pino ('19) Scouting ProfileSMIA0000000.00000000.000.00
32Michel Cabo ('19) Scouting ProfileSMIA0000000.00000000.000.00
33Rene Ponce ('19) Scouting ProfileSMIA0000000.00000000.000.00
34Kevin Serrano ('20) Scouting ProfileSMIA0000000.00000000.000.00
35Denniel Munoz ('19) Scouting ProfileSMIA0000000.00000000.000.00
36Kailob Santos ('20) Scouting ProfileSMIA0000000.00000000.000.00
37Victor Perez ('22) Scouting ProfileHG0000000.00000000.000.00
38Alex Pazos ('22) Scouting ProfileHG0000000.00000000.000.00
39Albert Sanchez ('20) Scouting ProfileHIA0000000.00000000.000.00
40Charlie Calli ('20) Scouting ProfileDCS0000000.00000000.000.00
41Mario Garcia ('19) Scouting ProfileDA0000000.00000000.000.00
42Jake Santos ('0) Scouting ProfileGP0000000.00000000.000.00
43Jacob Poletto ('0) Scouting ProfileDCS0000000.00000000.000.00
44Mason Koczwara ('0) Scouting ProfileDCS0000000.00000000.000.00
45Zaire Cox ('21) Scouting ProfileDCS0000000.00000000.000.00
46Chaz Royo ('20) Scouting ProfileDCS0000000.00000000.000.00
47Nathaniel Vincent ('20) Scouting ProfileDCS0000000.00000000.000.00
48Matthew Corpas ('19) Scouting ProfileDA0000000.00000000.000.00
49Maximo Medina ('0) Scouting ProfileDCS0000000.00000000.000.00
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