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Pitching Stats Spring 2018

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1Erick Argote (J) Scouting ProfileMSPR330090018.0311312400.390.94
2Yordy Cabrera (S) Scouting ProfileMJ10820115347.08322981330.450.74
3Javier Prevost (S) Scouting ProfileMSPR7501120040.1934046600.521.14
4Christopher Bohrer (S) Scouting ProfileCOL4401131039.24318451240.530.76
5Michael Marin (S) Scouting ProfileDA0402110019.0221625530.741.11
6Avi Levin (S) Scouting ProfileMSUN320090019.0521415500.741.00
7Nolan Santos (J) Scouting ProfileMB12730125075.2249451022020.830.86
8Johnny Vazquez (So) Scouting ProfileSRDG110180018.25311201201.131.23
9Kevin Martin (J) Scouting ProfileSTB744093246.113822781861.210.86
10Brenton Mullis (S) Scouting ProfileBEL7410101039.217723593121.241.36
11Ruddy Gomez (S) Scouting ProfileMLAK11830122255.2151044882861.261.29
12Darwin Rodas (S) Scouting ProfileMA641182137.210733281301.301.22
13Gabriel Core (S) Scouting ProfileBRAD331280021.17416211311.311.36
14Yordani Carmona (J) Scouting ProfilePACE11910111063.01612261102341.330.78
15Miguel Temes (S) Scouting ProfileMLAK11630121151.0231032532671.371.14
16James Montoya (S) Scouting ProfileIM10530103050.2181032771151.380.85
17Andrew Karch (S) Scouting ProfileKW531182040.01583045901.400.98
18Nick Garcia (S) Scouting ProfileHIA13930149384.1301774841681.411.07
19Victor Valderrama (S) Scouting ProfilePALM8712114248.0131018611961.460.77
20Alejandro Caballero (S) Scouting ProfileHEA530062128.21462023801.470.98
21Anthony Arguelles (S) Scouting ProfileCOL121010146468.2161544631871.530.90
22Juan Marulanda (S) Scouting ProfileKGC6320120031.215715442511.551.26
23Peter Amaro (S) Scouting ProfileFC450082031.18724221241.561.15
24Gabe Sjostrom (So) Scouting ProfileSWM4210110026.21462023731.581.01
25Ryan MacInnes (S) Scouting ProfilePALM111020153157.1191337352051.590.99
26Angel Morel (S) Scouting ProfileMJ532081130.211722281321.601.14
27Andrew Lann (S) Scouting ProfileMSUN9440111148.0211155401231.601.40
28Chris Basile (F) Scouting ProfileRANS3321111030.116717262211.621.29
29Adrian Figueroa (So) Scouting ProfileDA9520151154.2171351403031.661.48
30Harold Aguilera (S) Scouting ProfileHG8260121042.0231030443151.671.45
31Luis Espinal (So) Scouting ProfileCG2323110025.01462026921.681.16
32Raul Alvarez (J) Scouting ProfileMLAK2200101124.1862026961.731.19
33Mario Fernandez (S) Scouting ProfileMCHR8910140048.11712384919151.741.18
34Carlos Rodriguez () Scouting ProfileFERG0231110046.01812326618101.831.09
35Luis Gonzalez (J) Scouting ProfilePACE2226170037.216102462951.860.88
36Matthew Fernandez (So) Scouting ProfileFC11720121159.1201634752331.890.96
37Adrian Ordonez (J) Scouting ProfileCPRK0010100018.1651291531.911.47
38Victor Mederos (So) Scouting ProfilePACE9610100036.1181024652271.931.27
39Robert Rodriguez (S) Scouting ProfileMSUN6621131147.0171340391151.941.09
40Joseph Delgado (So) Scouting ProfileHEA631071028.115824351301.981.31
41Danny San Pedro (S) Scouting ProfileCOL854091142.0191237561602.001.26
42Juan Osorio (S) Scouting ProfileCG852192141.2221233613592.021.63
43Ramses Hernandez (J) Scouting ProfileMA961091136.2131125452542.101.36
44Mario Garcia (J) Scouting ProfileSWM13620143269.2262156692442.111.15
45Kike Aparicio (S) Scouting ProfileSMIA9620123252.2291646792172.131.27
46Antonio Knowles (S) Scouting ProfileKW11810113161.0251948961952.181.10
47Angel Mediavilla (So) Scouting ProfileIM522081125.217820392032.181.56
48Ronaldo Gallo (J) Scouting ProfileSRDG9531111047.0301546431442.231.28
49Brandon Cabrera (So) Scouting ProfileSRDG8530112140.2241334421122.241.11
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