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1Ricky Collado ('21) Scouting ProfileCOL10001005.00019100.000.40
2Maximo Medina ('23) Scouting ProfileDCS00102006.04037000.000.50
3Brenden Katz ('21) Scouting ProfileKROP220022214.000618320.000.64
4Frank Menendez ('23) Scouting ProfileDA01002007.02007800.001.14
5Julian Hernandez ('22) Scouting ProfileWCH11001004.20017300.000.86
6Robert Cortez ('21) Scouting ProfileSD11001107.01027100.000.43
7Javier Paneca ('22) Scouting ProfileFERG00002004.11011100.000.46
8Jack Delgado ('21) Scouting ProfileCOL00022004.00006100.000.25
9Dario Alvarez ('23) Scouting ProfileMLAK10002006.20024300.000.75
10Carlos Toro ('21) Scouting ProfileWSTL11001006.00014010.000.17
11Brixton Lofgren ('23) Scouting ProfileGP200020010.000513300.000.80
12Jake Martin ('21) Scouting ProfileRANS11001005.000110100.000.40
13Benjamin Real ('21) Scouting ProfileWSTL11001005.00046400.001.60
14Jeffrey Lopez ('24) Scouting ProfileDCS10001005.03024500.001.40
15Hector Hernandez ('22) Scouting ProfileKGC11002114.000110500.001.50
16Horacio Cruz ('22) Scouting ProfileKGC220022014.030520400.000.64
17Jeff Polledo ('21) Scouting ProfilePACE10012005.100112500.001.13
18Anthony Aparicio ('21) Scouting ProfileGP20002007.23019800.001.17
19Cristopher Estrada ('24) Scouting ProfileKIL11001004.00034200.001.25
20Anthony Florio ('22) Scouting ProfileREEF00002004.00023300.001.25
21Jorge Arias ('21) Scouting ProfileARCA211021112.031720700.581.17
22Johnny Quintana ('0) Scouting ProfileCG220021011.251814510.601.11
23Leduar Perez ('22) Scouting ProfileCPRK220022211.011719300.640.91
24Jordan Vargas ('23) Scouting ProfileGOLE200020010.041517210.700.70
25Grant Kavalir ('23) Scouting ProfilePALM210030010.011416220.700.60
26Chris Orduna ('21) Scouting ProfileBRAD22002119.021213500.780.78
27Justin Bohanon ('0) Scouting ProfileCG10012007.131510310.951.09
28Alejandro Alonso ('21) Scouting ProfileFERG12002007.01148201.000.86
29Evan Demurias ('21) Scouting ProfileDA01002007.021011001.000.00
30Chris Fernandez ('21) Scouting ProfileHEA11001107.02164101.001.00
31Jake Gorelick ('22) Scouting ProfileDA00002006.01144301.171.17
32Bryan Mojica ('21) Scouting ProfileMSPR00002006.01146111.170.83
33Alan Valverde ('21) Scouting ProfileKIL11001006.03123221.170.67
34Christian Suastegui ('21) Scouting ProfileFERG10001005.01143301.401.40
35Jesus Gonzalez ('22) Scouting ProfileMSPR11002005.02144201.401.20
36Allan Jorge ('23) Scouting ProfileWCH01002005.01126501.401.40
37Jorge Leon ('22) Scouting ProfileKGC10101005.04133101.400.80
38Kyle Marti ('21) Scouting ProfileCOL01001004.21135001.500.64
39Christian Mejia ('21) Scouting ProfileWCH01003004.11131201.621.15
40Robert Lageyre ('21) Scouting ProfileSD00101004.11141011.620.92
41Alexander Hernandez ('22) Scouting ProfileIM10001004.01152301.752.00
42Johan Feliz ('22) Scouting ProfileSMIA10101004.07188211.752.50
43DJ Flowers ('21) Scouting ProfileRPB22002008.032612601.751.50
44Nick Fraginals ('21) Scouting ProfileDA00101004.02103201.750.50
45Oscar Bello ('21) Scouting ProfileMLAK01001004.01112301.751.00
46Jordan Justiniano ('21) Scouting ProfileFERG11001004.01136401.751.75
47Dhillon Murphy ('21) Scouting ProfileMCD01002007.172612921.912.05
48Luis Estrada ('22) Scouting ProfileHIA00002007.132610001.910.82
49Brandon Villabrille ('21) Scouting ProfileWSTL10102007.042310222.000.71

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