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Congratulations to all players that have made the 2016 HSBN Miami-Dade All-American List!

Mandatory All-Star Practices @ Belen Jesuit, Tuesday, May 31st:
4PM – Private Schools
5PM – Public Schools

Senior All-Star Game & Awards Event @ Nova High School, Saturday, June 4th:

2:30 – Broward Public vs. Miami Public
7PM – Broward Private vs. Miami Private

Admission is $10

Final 2016 HSBN Power Rankings (5/25)

Final 2016 Miami-Dade Power Rankings (5/25)

HSBN Miami All-American Teams Announced Friday. May 27th!

HSBN Miami-Dade All-District Teams: 9A-16, 9A-15, 9A-14, 9A-13, 8A-16, 7A-16, 6A-16, 5A-16, 5A-15, 4A-8, 4A-7, 3A-8, 2A-8

HSBN Miami-Dade All-Star Rosters

2016 College Signings

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Updated Friday, May 27th, 5:53 pm
Updated Friday, May 27th, 5:53 pm