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Miami-Dade High School Baseball Headlines

Ernie Padron - TERRA
St. Brendan
Pablo Arevalo of the Belen Jesuit Wolverines.
Ferguson - Alex Soto
Danny Casals scores the winning run for the Explorers in the fourth.
Mater Lakes' Marcus Villalobos safely dives into third base in the Bears' 3-1 win against LaSalle on Wednesday night at Barry University.
Pino - South Miami
Kory Hendon give the Vipers the lead in the sixth inning with a two-out, two-run single.
Norland players take part in pregame ritual.
The Warriors played good defense, but fell short Tuesday.
American - Romy Gonzalez
Yan Gomes
Westminster Christian
"Put it all on the field. You don't want to say what if I dove for that ball?' or what if I made that play?'. You want to say I dove for that ball, and I made that play'." - Ibrahim Silwany, formerly of Miami Jackson
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