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South Florida Rehab Provides Summer Throwing Clinic

South Florida Rehab & Training Centers owner Gabe Carvajal with longtime friend and client, former MLB star Placido Polanco.

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HSBN is proud to announce that it’s biggest sponsor in Miami-Dade County has even more to offer the baseball community this summer. South Florida Rehab & Training Centers will provide a throwing program over the summer that will increase velocity and help further prevent injuries for all those who partake.

When an athlete is injured he is facing a road ahead full of angst and uncertainty. It can be a frustrating and difficult time both physically and mentally. South Florida Rehab & Training Centers garners trust from its clients because its staff can relate to those things, and as a former pitcher, owner Gabriel Carvajal knows what it takes to get one ready to head back onto the field. To have somebody with the background that combines baseball and medical science together, his treatment is something special to offer the South Florida community.

Last year Gabriel Carvajal and his staff at South Florida Rehab & Training Centers teamed with The High School Baseball Network for the Player Scout Profiles program in Miami-Dade. Thanks to the generosity that Carvajal and his team is able to provide, many of Miami-Dade’s most promising stars have been to have entire profiles filled out for free, on a site that the colleges and pro scouts trust. With this program, players have been able to update their profiles with SAT and ACT scores, important information relating to their baseball skills, and contact information, which is vital to the recruiting process.

South Florida Rehab and Training Center provides rehabilitation services to local amateur and professional athletes alike, clients that include many pros such as Jan Gomes, and Albert Pujols, and now they continually find ways to lend a hand to the local high school baseball players.

“Gabriel really helped me out a lot,” said former MLB star Placido Polanco, a longtime client of the center. “He prolonged my career easily another year or two, and I was lucky enough to have him close to my house so I would come here everyday for what I called maintenance, and to stretch and stuff. Plus, on top of that, Gabe is just a great guy and a friend of mine. I am lucky to have known him for over ten years, so I very highly recommend him to anybody.”

These gracious sponsors are pleased to announce a special throwing clinic that will be provided over this summer. Beginning in the second week of June and running through the rest of the summer, the throwing program will pair kids in small groups for three courses a week aimed at helping pitchers gain velocity and improve the whole body.

“It’s really a win-win situation for any person who does it,” Carvajal said. “”It is really the best program of that sort around, and as physical therapists it is number one to us. It stresses mechanics, which is half the battle. These athletes typically avoid injuries because they understand better how to avoid it. Plus, the average velocity gain is between four and six miles per hours. That is a significant gain for a pitcher.”

Gabe & Yolanda Carvajal and South Florida Rehab and Training Center have stepped up to sponsor every Miami-Dade high school baseball player the past two seasons.

The throwing program is based on a part of the therapy that Carvajal provides, which involves a pitching program championed by former MLB Pitching Coach Tom House. Tom House’s approach to throwing and mechanics is an approach to keeping the whole body healthy. It combines proper warming up, is about whole body warm ups and stretching and balance coordination, and then the actual throwing program. It uses a sequence of activities and visual cueing, where it places body parts in the correct anatomical positions.

After seeing an HBO special about it a few years ago, Carvajal reached out to Tom House. That relationship led to Gabe incorporating Tom House’s approach into his services.

This clinic is the best program of this magnitude, because it does not just concentrate on the arm, but the whole body. Pitchers will become fully aware of what the body is doing as it goes through the wind-up and basic mechanics during pitching. It is not just an arm program that makes you throw faster, but a training of the whole body that provides complete awareness of the body moving. These skills are vital for any athlete, but the balance and coordination coupled with the mental awareness will make any pitcher who participates in it that much better for it. Of course, pitchers will also enjoy the benefits of added strength and conditioning.

“This program incorporates a lot of new thinking,” said Gabe. “Tom House has done a great job of changing people’s minds. He has guys like Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Barry Zito and Tim Lincecum working with him. When you have guys of that caliber working with you then you know that what he is doing works. The same goes to what we do here in our facility. The job we are doing works and it’s keeping our athletes healthy.”

From start to finish the program will run roughly six weeks, with three classes a week that each last an hour-and-a-half long. Pitchers who participate will be able to do so without disrupting any other baseball activities during the summer season. In fact, the clinic will compliment any other throwing done during the summertime.

Carvajal is attempting to get Tom House to come out for a guest appearance during the summer. Further details on such an event will be forthcoming.

All those who are interested are encouraged to contact the center any time to sign up or for information at 305-905-4188.

*To learn more about South Florida Rehab & Training Centers go to their website.

*To read more about the partnership with High School Baseball Network, read the full story here.

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