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2020 Miami-Dade Senior Yearbook

Welcome, to the 2020 Senior Yearbook!
Latest Signatures...
#27 Nelson PerezFelix Varela Vipers
Nelson, Jr: Congratulations on successfully completing your High School and getting signed into an amazing college to play ball. You are a Winner. Keep up the hard work, grinding along, and you will continue advancing in Baseball and Education. You are an amazing human being with a caring heart. We love you.
~ Mom, Dad, Nathalie and Eric
#17 Chandler JulesDr. Krop Lightning
Chandler, we are so very proud of everything you've accomplished. You are a true leader and personify the meanings of empathy and hard work. We can't wait to see what the future holds for you, but for now, we'll take our time to enjoy these present moments. Keep being true to yourself, my love. The whole world will enjoy you as we do.
~ Love Mom, Dad, Clinton and ALL of your loving family members
#23 Diego RomeroBelen Jesuit Wolverines
"D-Man," what a wild ride!From Middle-school thru High-school, you were always exemplary; you never compromised, you never let up, you always put your best foot forward for "your team." We are so proud of the man you have become. It's your time my son, in the words of St. Ignatius of Loyola,"Go forth, and set the world on fire." #MenForOthers
~ Mom & Pops | Camila, Ella, Aby & Abo From Above
#2 Zach PouSt. Brendan Sabres
Zach, we are very proud of the young man you have become. Thank you for the everlasting memories that your love for the game has given us. We hope that you continue to work hard and stay focused so that all your dreams come true. We love you!
~ Mom, Dad, and Luke
#10 Darren LeonSt. Brendan Sabres
We are beyond proud of all you have accomplished at St. Brendan High in your baseball career. Your determination, work ethics, teamwork and perseverance radiated throughout your seasons. Your pursuit for greatness will reward you. Continue to be humble and kind. Always remember we love you. Good luck on the next chapter of you life.
~ Dad, Mom, And Danielle
#18 Sebastian JimenezCoral Reef Barracudas
What a ride it has been for us to see you develop year after year; setting up goals & working hard to accomplish them, then setting another & another, always pushing yourself. So many memories created over your 4 years at Reef. We are so proud of you Bazz. Keep grinding, keep pushing yourself. We can't wait for your next chapter at FSU. Love you!
~ Mom, Dad & Nick
#15 Ian FernandezMiami Sunset Knights
Buddy, we're so proud of all your accomplishments including two time opening day starter, your two shut outs, and the big games against stout opponents you pitched in. But most of all, we are proud of how you handled forks in the road and adversity. You charted your own path, becoming a man and team leader in the process. We love you. #RollDrix
~ Mom and Dad
#9 David MoorheadKillian Cougars
You have always made us proud. You are bright, kind, respectful and responsible and throughout this shutdown you have not changed at all. That is your true character. We know that these traits will serve you well. We wish you success in everything you do but most importantly always stay humble and kind. Love always, Mom and Dad
~ Mom and Dad
#11 Rey HernandezKeys Gate Charter
True pleasure seeing the ball player you’ve become. We’re very proud of you. Congrats! WAY TO GO OUT WITH A BANG! Can’t wait to see MY favorite ball player continue tearing it up at the next level. Always play with passion, believe in yourself, & put on a show every time you step on the field. Leave the rest to the baseball gods. Love you Naldi
~ Mom & Dad
#34 Luis EspinalDoral Academy Firebirds
Your transfer to our team was seamless. Immediately, you were one of the guys. Between your athletic and academic abilities, you have proven to be a well-rounded recruit. You always came in swinging and significantly contributed to our achievements, which include two regional titles for Doral. The University of Miami is lucky to have you.
~ Coach Suarez
#12 Adrian FigueroaDoral Academy Firebirds
Thank you for your hard work and dedication over the last four years. Your legacy to thisteam includes, your leadership skills, work ethic and maturity. I'm so proud of your accomplishments. From helping your team reach state finals to being selected by the Heralds All Dade Baseball Team. Thank you for being my rock, you will be missed.
~ Coach Suarez
#8 Lazaro ValdezKey West Conchs
Congratulations on your high school career. You have worked very hard and played very well for us in centerfield. Good Luck next season at Daytona Beach State College. Go Conchs!
~ Conch Baseball
#19 Brendan RoneyKey West Conchs
Congratulations on your high school career. Your commitment to excel has paid off as you will be playing next spring at Boston College. Good Luck in the future and look to hear great things from you. Go Conchs!
~ Conch Baseball
#34 Jordan ParksKey West Conchs
Congratulations on your high school baseball career. You have worked very hard and we are very proud of your accomplishments. Good Luck and all the best at Lynn University. Go Conchs!
~ Conch Baseball
#9 Mason NellerKey West Conchs
Congratulations for obtaining your scholarship to Daytona Beach State College. Continue working hard and being a great teammate. Best Wishes! Go Conchs!
~ Conch Baseball
#11 Curtis KnowlesKey West Conchs
Congratulations on your high school career. Best of luck in your future endeavors. We are sure you will be successful. Go Conchs!
~ Conch Baseball
#31 Josh ConnKey West Conchs
We have seen you grow as a player and as a young man. Playing at Rex Weech Field has helped you to understand what hard work and sacrifice has done for your development. Keep Working hard, Good Luck at the Next Level.
~ Conch Baseball
#28 Dane BlackKey West Conchs
Congratulations on your Conch Career. You have worn The Conch uniform with great pride. Your hard work and commitment has paid off. Now is time to play at the next level. Go CONCHS!
~ Conch Baseball
#25 Zach AlburyKey West Conchs
Congrats on wrapping up a 4 year career for Conch Baseball. We are sure you will be successful in college. Continue to work hard and Wish you all the best. Go Conchs!
~ Conch Baseball
#9 Abel RiverolKeys Gate Charter
Since the day you were born I have always been very proud of you. This is your last year of High School and you haven’t been able to enjoy it like you were supposed to. I want you to know that we’re extremely proud of you and all you have accomplished. I have always told you to step up, and don’t let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game. We wish you the best on your next chapter in life. We love you. Mom, Titi and your brothers.
~ Ailedy Pineiro
#17 Michael AlonsoKeys Gate Charter
We are really proud of you and all accomplishments you have. If there is something I’m really proud of is your hard work and dedication, the fight within you is amazing and I can’t wait to see it translate in the real world. We love you and we always be there for you.
~ Lilien Hernandez
#22 Ryan PeeplesKeys Gate Charter
It’s has been amazing watching you play baseball since you were little. Thank you for all the wonderful memories. We are very proud of you and can’t wait to see what life brings your way. We love you to the moon and back! Dad, Mom and Sean
~ Elizabeth Peeples
#10 Demian GonzalezKeys Gate Charter
Since you were a little kid I admired your special skills and I dreamed of seeing you play as the best one player in the world and now, of course you are my favorite player, sorry if I demand you more than you be able or than you wish, ,but I’m sure that you can go further than you imagine; have fun like a child and be honorable as a gentleman
~ Coach and Dad
#27 Josue CruzKeys Gate Charter
I'm been working with you since you were a little league kid, I’m proud of being your baseball coach for almost all your life; I’m absolutely sure that you are getting all what you wish; just keep working and dreaming big. I want that you get lot of acknowledgements and never forget that I believe in you before anyone else.
~ Coach
#10 Pedro SantiagoDoral Academy Firebirds
Not only were you hard working, but you were also your teammates biggest fan. When you weren't out on the field pitching, we could hear you encouraging your team mates from the dugout Thank you for your dedication and sportsmanship, wishing you the very best in the future!
~ Coach Suarez
#44 Adrian GuillenDoral Academy Firebirds
Not only did you enhance our pitching staff, but also above all, you were a fantastic teammate. Thank you for your hard work and commitment, good luck with your future endeavors.
~ Coach Suarez
#3 Duanne MedinaDoral Academy Firebirds
I know that joining us senior year was not what you hoped for, but we are grateful to have been part of a small piece of your baseball journey. Thank you for your willingness to assist wherever and whenever needed. Wishing you the best at Middle Georgia State College.
~ Coach Suarez
#7 Ivan ZambranoDoral Academy Firebirds
Thank you for always arriving on the field and giving 100% each and every day. Your commitment to the program was and will always be recognized. Continue working hard at the next level and I am confident that you will continue flourishing at Eastern Florida State College.
~ Coach Suarez
#2 Dominic PitelliDoral Academy Firebirds
Your athletic ability and work ethic made you unstoppable on the field. It goes without saying that you played a crucial role in the teams success over the last three years, helping us earn three district titles. Alex Rodriguez Stadium awaits you and I’ll see you there!
~ Coach Suarez
#19 Peter LarzabalCoral Reef Barracudas
It has been a great four years of high school and high school baseball. I am so proud of you Peter for your hard work all around. I have no doubt that you will do amazing things in the future! Continue to put your passion first and do what makes you happy. We love you!!
~ Mom, Dad, Ashley and Anáis
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